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Welcome to Noosphere - the online journal for science, art and literature!

Noosphere is a planetary continuous information flow sustaining or modifying the world's structure. It's permanently nascent and developing information which is being realized in social, ideological, scientific, technical and artistic systems and also in nature transformed by a human being.



"Noosphere is present in electromagnetic waves, in books and documents, in social and scientific organizations, in nerve tissue, in newspapers and magazines, in cities' architecture, in cultural landscapes and parks… Nowadays neither political, economic life nor human life in general in its present-day understanding are possible without information flow and involvement in noosphere".
-- Igor Zabelin



Key directions of journal activities are:

  • Advanced Engineering, Automation, and Electro-Technical Complexes and Systems
  • Intellectual Control, Informational and High Technologies
  • Physical & Mathematical Applications and Modeling
  • Social, Economic, and Environmental Problems
  • Resource Saving, Energy Management, and Globalization Aspects
  • Chemical, Biological, and Medical Sciences
  • Arts
  • Miscellaneous


The Journal provides an opportunity for people to share their ideas and research results in various fields of inquiry. We accept publications by authors located around the globe, and thus we hope to encourage more intercultural communication and sharing of ideas.


Authors and Readers are WELCOME!