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Engineering & Automation

Conditions of System Stability at Cascad Regulation for Multi-Mass Elastic Electromechanical System


Victor Arkadyev


The conditions of system stability are considered at cascade regulation for electromechanical system (EMS) with an elastic mechanical part on the basis of principles of structural transformation Maso...

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Processor of Spatially Predicated Bits


Guennadi A. Kouzaev  Atanas Kostadinov



Introduction. The predicate logic is the basic language of the most database searching machines, Internet servers, artificial intelligence software and holographic imaging systems. Instead of Boolean operations, it deals with logical sentences, and it is considered as a computer language for mathematics and linguistics. Unfortunately, any fully predicate processor has not been physically implemented yet. The proposed report is about the design and development of the first predicate logic processor and its prototyping using a FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) board.

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Numerical Spectral Estimation of Control Parameters for Electromechanical System


The spectral analysis isone of the important methods forsignal processing which allowsto characterize a frequency spectrum for measurable values of electromechanical system (EMS), to judge indirectly about control process parameters, and to build priori-optimal control EMSs.


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Development of Small Size Pneumatic Machines with Turbine Drive Gears


Yury Kuznecov, Alexander Tchouvakov, Vladimir Himich


Research refers to small size turbine gears oriented for driving high speed pneumatic tools. Unique testing equipment and new approach to study turbine drive gears, developed method of turbine blade crowns profiling and unique ae...


Space-Time Modulated Electromagnetic Signals


Guennadi A. Kouzaev

The development of advanced electronic hardware increases the interest in space-time modulation. Such signals carry the digital [1] or analogue [2] information by their amplitudes and the space distribution of the field. In electromagnetics, the space-ti...


Quantum Mechanics and Subjective Experience


Evgeny M. Ivanov

There is a deep analogy between quantum reality and subjective experience.Such subjectiveproperties as wholeness, temporal nonlocality, actual-potential structure of subjective being, qualia, individuality have an analogues in quantum world.

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