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The Goat


Vilen Zlotnikov

The main point of the chapter “ The Goat “ tells us that children are not their parents’ property. They must be taught to love and respect life and people and be brought up in the spirit of morality and decency.

Nobody has the right to take away their freedom of choice.


Existence of Saint Lydia


Oleg Larmin

The set of Oleg Larmin’s verses was published at the first time in our journal on 31.03.15. Now we are presenting two other Oleg’s unpublished poems. The first one entitled “Existence of Saint Lydia” is dedicated to Oleg’s son. In this highly emotional work Oleg expresses his gratitude towards his grandmother Lydia who raised him.

The second poem entitled “The ballade on Che Guevara” demonstrates Oleg’s admiration toward the idealistic Cuban revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara (1928-1967) who became an icon to all sorts of leftists and radicals in 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s.

Both poems were forwarded to us by Oleg’s widow Alla Savchenko who lives in the nursing home in Winnipeg (Canada). Alla is a former prima-ballerina of the famous Bolshoy Theatre in Moscow and a talented poet. Several her verses in English have been published in our journal.

My E-Mail Journal from Russia and Siberia (May 21 – June 11)


Alois Stadler


Moscow: May 22, 2007 Hi everybody, I arrived in Moscow in a hot 27 C heat with a smog covering the whole city that I could see in the morning from my 22nd-floor-window where I spent the night. The flight was tiring and more or less uneven...


A Bulb


Grygoriy Shyngaryov

This is a short humorous story about a slightly intoxicated partying physicist who had joked by putting a bulb in his mouth. Surprisingly, he could not remove it and rushed to the emergency where the surgeon pulled it out. This joke became infectious: a number of physicist's friends who were partially intoxicated too, try to repeat the trick and verify its result, and all of them ended up at the same emergency department. Eventually, the surgeon himself found a bulb in his mouth, and there was nobody around to take it off.



Gary Berkovich

From the book of memoirs “Human Subjects”

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The Painter Pasternak


Ernst Zaltsberg


Leonid Osipovich Pasternak was born in 1862 in Odessa. In 1885 he graduated form the Royal Academy of Arts in Munich. In 1889 he married the renowned young pianist Rosalia Kaufmann. Their son Boris, the future Nobel Prize winner for the literature, was born in 1890. A few Leon...



My life is a pendulum


Alla Savchenko

My life is a pendulum

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Legioner Peshkoff


Ernst Zaltsberg 


Zinovi Peshkoff (born Solomon Sverdlov) was born in Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia) in 1884. His brother Jacob became the first President of the Soviet Russia in 1918; his other brother, Benjamin, was a Minister of Transportation in the Soviet Government. Zinovi became acquainted with t...




Ernst Zaltsberg

The new book entitled "Russian Jews in America" was published (in Russian) in 2005 by the Publishing House Gesharim. The book was a part of publishing efforts undertaken by the ResearchCenterfor Russian Jewry Abroad for the last several years.

   The Center was founded in 1997 in Israel by Dr.M.Parkhomovsky with the mandate to collect, study and disseminate information on the input into the economy, arts, science and politics made by Russian Jews emigrated to various countries. As apart of this mandate, the Center also collects and studies documents related to the role of Russian Jews in the formation and development44 of the state of Israel. The Center published two series of books namely “Jews in the Culture of Russia Abroad” (volume 1 to 5, Jerusalem, 1992-1996) and “Russian Jewry Abroad” (volumes 1(6) to 5(10), Jerusalem, 1998-2003).

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