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Medicine and Pharmacology

Biology of Aging


Peter Gurevich


Have you ever asked yourself why are we aging and dying? Why are animals and plants around us aging and dying? Are all living beings mortal? Or are some immortal? Could we defy aging and death? Could we live longer? If you ask these kinds of questions, this book is for you.
The book “Unlimited Life. Immortality. Preventing Aging and Natural Death” explains the origins and sources of the aging phenomenon and natural death widely observed among living organisms, as well as the absence of aging and natural death between some of the organisms and living systems. This book describes mechanisms of aging that occur on different levels of biological hierarchy. Despite the book “Unlimited Life. Immortality. Preventing Aging and Natural Death” being a scientific publication, it’s written in a manner that makes it accessible to the general public.

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Alexander Postolaki


Author’s point of view on questions about structure and functioning from  position of  bionics (biomimetics), spiral biosimmetry and biomechanics is provided by comparing the features of micro-and macrostructure of  tissues and organs and maxillofacial system to integrate multi-disciplinary knowledge and their application in medical practice for the benefit of mankind.

 Keywords: body and maxillo-facial system, bionics (biomimetics), spiral biosimmetry, biomechanics.

"No other way" Part 3.


V. Guitberg

February 25th, the fourth morning after the surgery. Tanya is again the nurse on duty today. First there is a visit by a group of doctors and students. It is lead by Kathleen. The group stops at my feet near my bed. Kathleen quickly passes to my headboard. She succinctly tells about my condition, using abbreviations and technical terms that I do not understand.

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"No other way" Part 2


V. Guitberg


Today, February 21st is the day of the operation. I woke up at a quarter to five in the morning. The dawn is just barely breaking through the window. Tanya already woke up. Perhaps she didn’t sleep well at night.

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"No other way" Part 1


V. Guitberg


Dedicated to all those who are mentioned within this book.


From the author

When it became apparent to me that a heart operation is forthcoming, I tried to find any information that would help me to endure it. From various news sources I was already aware that cardiovascular diseases hold a prominence among illnesses affecting people. More and more people are subjected to complicated and life threatening surgeries. I was not interested in medical literature with detailed descriptions of the operation, on the internet I even found a detailed video of the procedure. I wanted to know how other people dealt with such a difficult life situation. As it turned out, I was only able to find two books in English wherein the authors shared their experiences.

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On the Problem of Nerve Pathways Crossing


Maria Kazarnovsky, Ph. D.


Some reasoning is proposed to explain why nerve pathways are crossing. The leading role of vision is suggested to be the basic reason for the phenomena as considered in the process of the nervous system evolution.


The immediate reason for this paper has been a remark in the Dr’s. David H. Hubel’s and T.N.Wiesel’s paper in “Scientific American”

“…It is worth remarking that no one has the remotest idea, why there should be this amazing tendency for nervous system pathways to cross…” (Hubel DH, Wiesel TN, 1979).

In the Dr. D. Hubel’s book “Eye, Brain and Vision”, one can find the following:

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Radiation and Health


Nelly Melman


Wide use of ionizing radiation has caused occurrence of new scientific and practical discipline – radiation medicine. However, its possibilities and achievement are almost inaccessible to a wide range of readers.

The book contains radiology basics such as the structure of atom and its disintegration, formation of radioactive beams, methods of definition and estimation of their characteristics.

 For the first time, the complex influence on the person of all known sources of radiation (natural, diagnostics and the treatment, industrial, nuclear power stations, nuclear and hydrogen bombs, “a dirty bomb", radioactive wastes) is presented.

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The Use of AFP-Complexes to Induce Apoptosis in Cancer Cells


Vladimir Pak  

Abstract: An anticancer “magic bullet” should have both efficacy and specificity parts. We have used an effective Apoptosis Inducer to trigger the apoptosis. Alpha-fetoprotein was used to deliver Apoptosis Inducers specifically to cancer cells. The AFP-AI complex inhibited tumor growth in mice, enlarged mice life survival and has shown a 50% response in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.

Constab Pharmaceutical Inc., MaRS Centre, Toronto, Canada

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Advantages and Perspectives of Organ Transplantation


Nelly Melman

The overview of the organ transplant is given. It includes information on kidney, heart, liver, pancreas and lung transplant. The special emphasis is made on the modern methods of defining donor's and recipient's organs consistency.

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Longevity, Aging and Old Age


Nelly Melman


In her article, the author gives an overview of various mechanisms of aging and describes psychological aspects of the old age.She also gives some practical recommendations on how to maintain the healthy and happy old age and make it a pleasant component of the life.

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Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Therapy in Oncology - Review


Mikhail Teppone, Romen Avagyan


This article represents a review of the literature dealing with application of low intensity electromagnetic waves of millimeter band in experimental and clinical oncology.

At early stage of study the efficacy and safety of electromagnetic radiation (MM EMR) was proved in various model of malignant tumors of animals.

Next papers delt with the treatment of patient suffered from benighn tumors for example, gastric polyps and myoma uteri.

The main part of researches provides results of efficacy and safety of electromagnetic radiation in various cases of malignant tumors of patients. This method was applied in cases of skin melanoma, cancer of ear, nose, throat, large bowel, breast cancer, uterus, lung, stomach as well as lymphoma and solid tumors.

The main indications for therapeutic application of electromagnetic radiation of MM band have been developed. They consist of:

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