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Paintings by Vladimir Lizkevich


Vitaly Guitberg

Vladimir Lizkevich (1926 – 2011) was  a Russian architect and scientist. He made a considerable contribution  to the architectural climatology . It is a very important aspect of the applied science that is  closely related to a problem of building healthy microclimate dwellings of premises and  environment-friendly construction.

All his life he enjoyed his lovely hobby:  painting.  This kind of artistic talent is quite usual for  many architects.

Now we can enjoy watching his paintings!

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Iskander Abdulov's Famous Pictures


Iskander A. Abdulov

Iskander Abdulov's faimous pictures (PDF 7.27 Mb)



The Artist Iskander (Alexander) Askarovich Abdulov


Architect and artist Alexander Abdulov at his age could rest on his laurels and enjoy the photographs of his paintings and architectural works.                                                                                                                                       

Photographs - because the originals of his paintings dispersed throughout the world. With photos of his work can be found in our e-journal, the publication in 2008.

  Alexander Abdulov is the restless creative artist. In the accompanying photo, we see that the older tall man, like the famous image of Don Quixote, still full of energy. He does not just stops in his work, but also looking for new means of expression.
His paintings today while they continue to chosen a historical theme, but different from the previous execution of the character that brings them to a more modern technique of painting.

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